Local Loudoun Links

Western Loudoun is best known for the strength and generosity shown to others who find themselves following in our not always so glorious footsteps.

Loudoun Farm Services and Ian Tillman – full servive bushhogging , plowing, manure removal and more done with a smile, a great conversation and a tip of his hat to you. 703-406-8800

Gowers Feed Ranson , WV – always make themselves available even if my visits thin out over the summer. Ready with a smile and the parrot food they’d remembered for me as always. One of the only sellers of Blue Seal Performance LS and proud to call them friends. (304)728-7777

For professional no nonsense lessons, head to Carol Eichner at EverReady Farm. Carol is simply a true horse person which tends to rub off on the children she teaches. You’ll thank me later 301-351-4285

JS2 – Small professional family owned/operated boarding and training facility in Middleburg VA

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