Blue Moon’s Glass Slipper SS Packing Pony Pro (Available for lease this April)

Available for lease in April of 2020! Currently showing and can be seen @ WEF where she was just CHAMPION in the super competitive short stirrup division for the second weekend out of two!

“Tiffany” will be available to a new little rider in April 2020.

27 years old, 14.0hh, auto everything, some maintenance, but nothing over the top.

She can easily do the walk/trot and short stirrup divisions with blues and tri-colors 8 out of 9 times shown at WEF 2020.

Past accomplishments include wins at The Hampton Classic, HITS Saugerties, Upperville, The Middleburg Classic and VHSA Large Children’s Pony Hunter End of Year Award in 2016.

This pony can and will take care of any child you put on her and make them look like a world class athlete without all of the worry.

If you are looking for something to help with confidence or to simply give your child a year to really learn, this is your pony and she’s worth every penny.



Winning at The Hampton Classic
Winning Local larges at Uperville

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