The Team Here at BMP LLC

Samantha Lawton

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Rider of all the horsey things, Keeper of the remote control, Cooker of the best dinners, Mom contest winner (according to her two children, anyways) and more

Samantha has been involved with horses and ponies since she was very young. She horse showed competitively on the “A” Show Circuit almost every weekend during her junior career moving from Zone I with Pam Hunt and then making the move to Camden, SC at age 12 to ride with Jack Towell. After college she settled into riding and training her own pony babies as well as maintaining a few young ponies and horses for other people and that is where she has happily stayed.

Joyce Lawton

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Keeper of all barn knowledge, Breakfast Making Champion, Finder of the Lost Everytghing and all around awesome Nana

A single mom that raised a horse crazy daughter with love and laughter to spare.  Joyce keeps track of the farm finances, helps with the boys, keeps up with the farm projects as well as making time for the rest of the family.

Greg Duthie

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Dad, No. 1 Barn Helper, Woodworker, Jump Builder, Stuff Grabber and Staff Photographer

Greg is one of the best types of men you can marry in to a horse crazy family. He makes the dollars on a weekly basis doing smart “Northern Virginia” computer stuff, but when he’s home he gets to show off his “true” passions – Photography and Woodworking! By show off, I mean making and maintaining jumps for the barn and taking stunning pictures for his website and clients of and me (and my clients!) Check out his site for amazing Loudoun County vistas, quirky cows and lots of other amazing and original work!

Liam and Jackson Duthie

Best barn kids on the planet, treat-feeders, wheelbarrow pushers, grain-shakers

Liam (9) and Jackson (6), make up this dynamic Duthie Duo, the likes of which have never been witnessed this side of the Mason-Dixon. Both are already seasoned professionals around the horses and great for an impromptu “hang out and bathe a couple of ponies” session on the weekends! Liam loves playing Fortnite and “Hello Neighbor” and Jackson loves riding the ponies and playing Goat Simulator and Untitled Goose Game!

Charlie & OJ

Barn Security, Châterie Yogi Masters and barn cats

Lovely pair of kittens adopted from Loudoun county Animal Shelter through their barn cat adoption program. These two are not only amazing at their jobs catching mice and other barn pests, they have surpassed any expectations by becoming constant companions to my boys at the bus stop, walking us up from the barn if we’re alone and offering various other “services” we didn’t know we needed until they came along.

Samuel J. Barkson

Best barn dog on the planet 4 years and counting, Satisfied consumer of Southern States brand dog food, Master of learning the most complicated commands for the easiest interactions!

Sammy came to Blue Moon Ponies LLC and filled a position that farm didn’t know it had been missing. He has become the heart and soul of what connects the house to the barn just down the driveway and maintains security, a good herding operation and a one-in-a-lifetime status here in the Lawton-Duthie household.